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V.Moreso architecture and design is a company which deals with all kind of projects and procedures having carried out more than 2000 records of different kinds of works and having a professional experience and career for more than 25 years old
Our projects are so comprehensive that each of them takes care of the design, projection, planning, direction and coordination till the last procedure.
The company consists of architects, technical architects, engineers, draughtsmen, interior designers . It also has an administrative department where you can meet them.
Every project of our company is based on architecture and design which is performed taking into account the requirements of our customers. Our projects include since hotels till different kind of houses (multy-familiar house, single-familiar houses, detached house, terraced houses, between party walls), topographic projects, urban projects, plot distributions, POUM modifications, subsidiary rules, unity action, etc..., security and health studies, segregations, impact studies and landscape integration, sports facilities, public work projects , electric projects, factory and agricultural premises, decorative works, improvements and restorations, swimming pools, legal activities of different kinds (bars, restaurants, rural tourism, shops...)), expert's report, measures, budgets and procedures of all kinds of documents (geotechnical studies, OCT, insurance, licence of first occupation, certificate of habitability, high IBI, high ICIDECA, new works certificates, certificates of antiquities, values and taxation), etc...

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